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18th-Aug-2006 10:43 am - Yesterday at work
cinnamon rolls
I had a pretty crappy ending to a pretty crappy day at work. First, some weird old guy tries to hit on me and pretty much freaked me out as I was the only person in the shop. Had to message Chang over msn to help me out. He called the shop and talked to me, so I didn't have to talk to the weird dude. This weirdo was a mumbler. I have problems hearing people with low voices and when that's coupled with mumbling. Oh forget it, I won't know what the fark you are saying. Finally, the guy left when some other customers came in. Relief!!

Then another old dude walked in and asked if he could leave his bag in the shop. Hello, its the age of terrorism. He was not even a customer to begin with. Just some random man who walks in. Why? Do I look friendly or some such shit like that? Well, I totally burst his bubble because I said that I could not take responsibility for such a thing. Jeez, what if he had some illegal shit in there.

The grand finale is when I was closing up the shop. Normally, my bosses do such things but Chang asked me to yesterday. As I was pulling the damn door shut (its pretty stiff and need a bit of strength to pull), I snapped my middle finger's nail in half. Its hanging on by just a section of the nail and it hurt like hell. Then it started to bleed. All I could do was finish locking up with one hand, grab a tissue out of my bag and wrapped my nail carefully back (as I had no means to cut it the nail off at that time) and go home. So now I have a big cotton pad around my finger and had to shower by gladwrapping it first to prevent it from getting wet. I have no idea how I will manage to change the bandage cos I'm pretty freaked out by it. Grrr...not a good day
7th-Jul-2006 09:06 am(no subject)
chocs 1
'The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory'
Paul Fix

This reminds me of all the brainless people that we meet. People just don't think sometimes, myself included.

There was a time when I was minding the store by myself when a guy walks in to ask if we do unlock phones. Firstly, we are a PDA store so its easy to mistaken us for a phone repair/phone store. We are used to people asking us that. It could happen more than 10 times in a day. However, what the guy said after was a 'what the....' moment. He asked me if I was sure that our shop does not do phone unlockings. Why in the world would I lie about unlocking phones if we really did provide such services. So I answered him "I'm sure we don't do phone unlockings because we are a PDA shop". It took him that long to realize that and then look around to see that I was no lying about such a thing. It made him a bit embarrassed. Serve him right, dumbass.
14th-Jun-2006 11:43 pm - Finally we have borders
ginger stars
I mean the store 'Borders'. Its taken over the old Lincraft venue and is a pretty big store. Not only does it sell books, but it sells CDs, DVDs and has an in-store cafe. I sound like an advertisement but I actually only like it for the books they stock. I definitely do not like the in-store cafe "Gloria Jeans". I think its a pretty crap cafe. It serves frappucinos as well as the usual coffees and also flavoured lattes but I find that their drinks are way way too sweet.

Being in Perth means that we are isolated from the diversity in choices that are available in the eastern states, which is rather sad being the capital of WA. Now, it is slowly (very slowly) startinig to bring in all these shops and brands that are available in the other states. We will be getting a Gucci store soon, I passed the store the other day and it is still being renovated. So finally, the people in Perth will be able to buy stuff that were previously only available in the eastern states or in other countries.
14th-Jun-2006 11:29 pm - Intermission for exams
chocs 1
I just finished 2 papers and I'm not feeling too confident about it. Only one more to go and I'm home free, only to be able to work more during the holidays. My part-time work will have longer hours as my bosses are opening a new store and placing me there. Starts at 830am till 5pm. Long hours. I hope I don't get bored too death. I really must try to get work experience that has something to do with my degrees. I got half a year left till I finish my current master degree. The time really flies. I'm 24 now and feeling a bit old to depend on my parents any longer.
31st-May-2006 04:24 pm - Rental agents should be shot!!!!
cinnamon rolls
Hate is such a strong word and I associate it with the rental agents who deal with my apartment. Maybe its not all their fault but I do put some of the blame on them. Obviously a rental increase would mean that their commissions increase as well which means they get more money as well. Initially they wanted to increase the rent by $20 but after much discussion and haggling on my part, they agreed to increase it by "just" $10. To clear things up a bit, this rent increase is per week not per month. So $10 a week more would mean about $40++ more a month which is not little. Not only do I have to pay more money to rent a place to stay but this rent increase coincides with the petrol price hike in Australia. The petrol prices are so crazy that they actually go up to $1.30 or more per litre. Insanity all around!!

The other issue I have with the agent was that they did not give me a 60 day notice. Pretty unfair on their part. They are basically trying to get away from it by making me sign a new lease. I did call up the Fair Trading Department in WA to get some advice and they said that its pretty much a gray area. So it might not be totally illegal for them to do so but they are going on the verge. My predicament now is whether I should sign the lease for the next 6 months or should I just give them notice to move out. I'm really annoyed and angry when I called the agent up to discuss this fact with them, the agent (Michelle from Century21, I'm dissing their names, hers in particular) actually says that she can't do anything because its what the owner wants. Then she goes on to say that if I don't renew my lease for the 6 months, the owner could give me notice to leave (she said that in a "if you don't sign it, the owner will ask me to leave" threatening kind of way). That really pissed me off. I just didn't want to say anything after that because I know that I would probably have blown up at her and that is not a very adult thing to do, unfortunately.

Sometimes I miss the days when my parents were my shield against the evils of the world. I still have a lot to learn from them, especially not to take crap from people. I think I have learnt a bit, but I'm not that great at it. I still try to be nice to people but sometimes, they just don't deserve it.
24th-May-2006 03:18 pm - Weird Customers
santa mugs
Not so much weird as on some drugs or something. When a customer walks in with a glazed look and can't stand properly, its a sure sign to stay clear of him. Today, this guy walks in and starts asking questions. The problem with him was that he couldn't stand upright and kept swaying around. I kind of fobbed him onto my co-worker since the guy was creeping me out and started serving other customers. The thing was he was so high on something that we could not get him to leave and we didn't want to just be rude and ask him to. Maybe we should have. I sure wanted to. Especially when his girlfriend came in after that and started opening up our display windows. It was a "whatthefuck" moment.
29th-Jan-2006 09:04 pm - Its the Year of the Dog now
ginger stars
Happy Chinese New Year!! Its been a very quiet time since I am in Perth and well, when you don't have family here, it just isn't the same. I went over to Steve's (Janet's bf) place for steamboat for CNY eve. It was just the three of us since most of our friends have gone back for CNY this year and those who did not go back have their own family here. We were so stuffed from all the food. Way way too much food. I couldn't really enjoy any drinks after just because I was so full.

My family had dinner at home. My mother cooked (I so miss her food...damn this is the second time I miss having CNY eve dinner with my family). Instead I'm stuck here, having to go back to school tomorrow. Today is the first day of CNY and I spend it at home, sleeping, being online, cooking lunch and dinner. Pretty sad I must say. Oh well, at least I still have friends around.

I really should start writing more. I think I like reading much more than writing. =P I love seeing how people write, especially Fei who has such a beautiful way of putting things. Unfortunately for myself, I don't think much of my writing skills. I don't think I have the talent of putting words in such a way that people would laugh or feel touched. Ah well, we can't have everything.
4th-Apr-2005 06:55 pm - Wines wines wines
santa mugs
Currently drinking

Jacob's Creek 'Shiraz' Vintage 2002 which won three awards: Silver Medal in China Wine & Spirit Competition 2004, Bronze Medal in Wine & Spirit Asia Challenge 2004 and lastly, Bronze Medal in Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2004.

Its pretty good considering the fact that i don't normally drink shiraz wines. MMmmm................Keeping track of the wines i drink now so next time i know what to get. Woohoo...
26th-Sep-2004 05:47 am - personality, attitudes and behaviours
santa mugs
I realized that as we grow older, we have different reactions to things in our life. For myself, I know that I become less tolerant, less patient to other people. I don't feel the need to be so nice to other people anymore, even if they are my friends. Maybe because they are my friends.

I used to be so nice and sweet to them. But the experiences that i have been through made me a more cynical and harder person. I am not no soft as i used to be. Not as accepting. Its not that I judge them. I learnt not to care as much about what other people think. My motto at the moment is if you are happy about what you are doing, just go ahead.

I think its a good thing. Caring too much can hurt. It can get you into situations which you don't want to be in. It is also because I was too involved (unvoluntarily) in someone else's problem that I learnt to detach myself from it. Although I know a lot on both sides, doesn't mean that I will get myself into it to solve it for them. I know that only they can solve it. You can be there to listen to them but in the end, only they can solve it themselves.

As the saying goes, "no one can help them but themselves". If they refused to be helped, there is nothing that you can do.

It was hard, to be friends with people who 'hated' each other but I managed to do it. And I think that if i can, why can't you? Life was never meant to be easy. We all learn from our mistakes. So just fucking get over yourselves and quit bitching to me. Its not like I'm going to get myself involved because of you. At 22 i'm too old and tired for it. I don't want to die of stress early. =P
4th-Jun-2004 10:30 am - A dismal day
santa mugs
Its a gloomy day out there and in here. Its dark and rainy outside. I'm stuck indoors doing my final assignment on my birthday. Happy birthday to me. I had a good dinner last night at CC's dad's restaurant. It was her birthday dinner but her birthday isn't till the 7th. We went out to chorus after that humugous dinner to celebrate my birthday. At midnight, they bought shooters to wish me happy birthday. Wow, I am 22 now. It doesn't feel any different. Only the number increases every year.

I was not into the whole celebrating my birthday thing. Not especially since i was stuffed to the max. And to top off the whole shitty birthday thing, i had to wake up with a bad headache and i'm coughing now. Great, to fall sick on my birthday.

I want the stupid headache to go away so I can concentrate on my stupid work and finish it and go to uni to print it out and hand it in.
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